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    Books, magazines, and newspapers where you can find my writing:
    Now available online:

    (a poem)

    I Just Want to Be Me: Issues in Identity for One American Muslim Woman
    (personal essay)

    Foreign Thoughts
    (a poem)

    The Writing on the Window
    (short story)

    Essay on teaching spirituality to children from the Islamic perspective

    Hajar's Long Walk (fable)

    We are Shouting and still cannot be heard (essay)

    First Impressions (fiction)

    There is a Storm Brewing (poetry)


    Ramadan's Hearld

    The Cathedral, Issue 4
    Mutawwa, Issues 7 and 8
    (both sci-fi)

Hello! Assalamu alaikum! Peace!
Welcome to the home page
of Pamela K. Taylor!

Thank you for visting my site. On these pages you'll find
samples of my writing, some of my thoughts and ideas about a
wide range of topics, book reviews, resources and links for writers,
for people interested in Islam, and for people who love sci-fi, as I do,
as well as a listing of events and conferences where you can find me. To the right are some of the books, magazines, and newspapers where I've had poetry, fiction, essays and articles published.


New on the Site:

  • Daily blog updates: recent topics: Khutbah on Love and republish of The Moral Maturity of Two Year Olds
  • Free Ebook! Voices for Africa. Poetry in support of the peoples of Africa. Download it now. Click here.

My Latest Writing News:

  • I have joined the Newsweek-Washington Post On Faith panel, where I'll be posting weekly entries on questions about Islam and my faith. My page can be viewed here. The discussion is... well... lively, to say the least. Come join the fray!
  • The Veil, women writers on its history, lore and politics, in which I have a personal essay is in pre-publication with the University of California Press. They've got a gorgeous cover, and I can't wait to read the other essays in the book, which is edited by Jennifer Heath-Collum whose work, The Scimitar and the Veil is a perennial favorite among Muslims. Check it out here.
  • My latest short story, 50 Fatwas for the Virtuous Vampire, is available at Apex Magazine
  • The 2007 Rhysling Anthology has been published and should soon be available online at the Sand
  • My story The Writing on the Window is in the anthology Tales of the Slug. The other stories that I've read so far have been fun. Not surprising, given the theme!
  • My Story Recompense can be found in A Mosque Among the Stars.
  • My poem, Foreign Thoughts, which was published in the December 2006 edition of Star*Line (available for purchase at www.sfpoetry.com. ) was nominated for a Rhysling Award.
  • My poem Africa! has been published in the free e-book, Voices for Africa (available for download here!). Whether you down load the book or not, please support the people of Africa who need our help.
  • My article on the WISE conference and the need for Muslims of different bents to dialogue is up at The American Muslim magazine.
  • I was invited to participate in the 18th edition of the Other Voices Poetry Anthology. Several of my poems are up at the site. Also check out poems by some of my writer friends: Leila Montour, Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore, Wanda Campbell. And many, many other great poets. The selection on the site is really spectacular. UPDATE: one of my poems, Detente will be featured in their upcoming print anthology! I'm very honored as there are some excellent writers who have contributed to the Other Voices online anthologies.
  • Leading the Mufti, my first person reflective on being a woman imam, leading a "major" scholar, and the progress on this issue over the past year is now up at NUVO. It was also on beliefnet and some smaller papers. I've also added it to my Essays page.
  • And, in case you ever wondered what I look like.... click here!






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